The NK Original 1-⅜”


The NK (Nice Knobs) Original was created when Nice Knobs! was founded in 1989, at a time when good knob designs were hard to find. The well-proportioned round shape, balance with just-right projection and sharp- edged stepped base has become an enduring classic. The end-grain cut yields unique stripe patterns of the tree's rings.

  • Measurements: 1 -3/8" diameter x 1 3/8" projection x 15/16" base diameter
  • Also available in 2 other sizes: 1-¼” and 1-⅝”
  • Available in 4 wood species: Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, and Walnut
  • Pre-drilled for one #8 wood screw
  • For a more ornate version of this classic knob, see the Rosette-1-3/8"

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